I believe in soulmates but… they’re not necessarily your lover, boyfriend, fiancee, husband, it’s not necessarily a relationship. They can be a friend, a best friend, a sister. I believe in soulmates as in the term that describes how well two persons connect, they click, it’s like they’re made of the same thing you are: same water, earth, air, flower, star, atom. They are so attracted to each other and I don’t  only mean it in a sexual way, but they are connected on every level possible.

They’re yours, you’re theirs and you can’t change that, you can’t deny it, you can’t hide yourself…from yourself.

A soul split into two bodies, two minds that connect on a first look, four eyes that seem to recognise each other, two pairs of ears that heard themselves somewhere before, or so it seems.

There is no need for introduction, family knows family. Home always feels like home.

They say time heals, that it helps you forget, feel better, all of that crap.

You don’t forget a soulmate, if you meet them. No, it’s not that you cannot forget, it’s that you simply don’t. I mean, yes, in your mind you can,because the mind is easy to trick and has a lot of dark corners. But the soul never forgets. You may remember with the mind but you don’t feel with it. You feel with the heart and it may be silly, but the soulmate is there and it keeps it safe, away from your mind.

You can’t forget part of yourself, you can’t put part of your nature behind, it will always be there.

You can’t deny the existence of something that exists on the outside of your Universe as well as in it, it will be there regardless of your efforts. Connecting. Feeling. Feeling.

The thing is, you don’t get to choose, you don’t get a variety of soulmates; the sad part is there’s only one out there for you. And if you lose it, or never find it… that’s upsetting.

How do you know if someone is your soulmate, if they’re yours? I believe you feel it. Not only when you’re near them, but even if you lose contact, it’s still there. That feeling of closeness won’t go away. The familiarity. It feels like you could read into their soul, ’cause it’s what your soul is made of, too.



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